I Wrote a Book and it Needs Art

I have written a superhero novel about a street level (nearly insignificant) hero that is really close to being ready to publish. The book is mostly complete aside form some editing. So, the book is pretty much ready to go.
The thing is, I love comic books. I started collecting them when I was 4. So I wrote a book about superheros, but what is a book about superheroes without some comic book art in it? This book needs some sequential art in it. It just has to.
My idea is to have a different comic book artist or visual storyteller illustrate a scene from each chapter at the end of the chapter. So for my 21 chapter book, we are looking at 21 different artists doing those scenes. On top of all that, those artists will need to see some character designs to complete their pages. Therefore, on top of the 21 artists doing pages, I have another 15 artists ready to draw character designs for 15 of the characters in the book.
I have all the artists verbal okay for the timeframe and the project, but I have not formalized anything because I need the funding to do so. So, to get this book published with over 30 artists contributing, I need to get funded. Once the funding is secure, contracts will be sent out and art will be created.